Exhibits Fabricator

    •  Assists in planning, preparation, design, fabrication, and the installation of all exhibits
    •  Participants in the prototyping process to enhance the telling and communication of
        stories related to the Black Experience for museum attendees.

Donating Artifacts for Museum

We welcome your donations. We will collect newspaper clippings, historic photographs, articles of clothing used by our great African American leaders, old phonographs, televisions, books, farm equipment, dishes, wash pots, dishes, etc.


Please remember that we will consider the physical condition of the items before placing them in the museum.  And, remember that your donation may be an unrestricted, permanent transfer of ownership.  However, under special circumstances, we will consider a loan.


If you decide to donate items, please do so immediately.  It takes time to process each item.  You may contact Dot Guthrie, curator at:  704.616.5185 or 704.864.5775 or bobbyguthrie@msn.com.

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